Prodej rodinného domu 290 m2 K Šedivce, Praha

Prodej rodinného domu 290 m2 K Šedivce, Praha

Prodej domu Rodinné domy
25 800 000 Kč

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224 dní na trhu (od 19.04.2022)
poslední změna: 08.11.2022
Celková plocha: 290 m2
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Within close proximity of one of the most prestigious Prague schools (International School of Prague) this property can be found. Although it is a shame that the house is not finished, it is in a brilliant location. Throughout the last few years the house has been steadily expanding, however as mentioned earlier it has not been finished.
The concurrent building is so large that it could be rebuilt into a duplex. Both the property and floor-plan allow for such a reconstruction of the house, provided that it is in compliance with all local and legal conditions for construction.
Eventually the house can be used for business, since a part of the house is an outbuilding that used to serve as a shop. Therefore it is ideal for a small cafe or a pastry shop. It could also serve as an office, since it has its own entrance and wide window. Even when using a different part of the house could be used for business there would still be lots of space for a large family.
The rest of the house is difficult to describe, because the ground floor of the house was frequently used, while the next floor up is mid-construction, which is far from being finished.
Currently the ground floor has a living room with a kitchen corner, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a boiler room and finally the previously mentioned outbuilding.
The next floor up had four huge bedrooms and a bathroom planned. However, none of this is finished, only the hints of this plan can be seen. As such the new owners of the house get to decide how the house will eventually look.
In my opinion, it would be best to have a look at the house in person. If you are interested call and arrange a viewing. I will happily show you the house. Stránka inzerenta.

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